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creating 1 million jobs in 7 years

Our Background

Business experience comes with time. The way people trade with each has largely stayed the same despite all the advances in technology. Lack of knowledge in this area causes so many start-up businesses to fail.

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs who have seen first-hand how so many founders fail in their first year due to lack of knowledge. We inform and guide; we teach success. If you are believe you have what it takes to join us, or want to know more, send us your details and resume.

Our Team

Steve Partridge

Course builder, Linden Academy mastermind and responsible for business development, strategy and overseeing company operations….

Rebecca Duke

Business Specialist and former British Airways Airbus pilot. Charismatic and forward-thinking, with extensive experience in…

Ian Howe

Head of technical development team specialising in new technologies, keeping us on the cutting edge….

James Brady

Website builder and graphic designer, James is testament to the self-teaching model. His skills include…

Kathy Boyle

Operations and support; IT industry specialist for nearly 20 years. Kathy started with website development…