We are looking for investment support from a variety of sources.

Creating 1 million jobs in 7 years

Linden Business Academy provides an online course for start-ups on a pay-for-view platform, which  provides practical business training for start-up founders, helping them growing into micro companies, then to turnover of £500k+ in 3 years. Our business is located in London.


Currently 250,000 out of 270,000 businesses go bust in year 1. That is equal to 92% of all businesses going bust in 7 years. These statistics represent 1.75 million lost jobs; assuming 1 person per business.

To use a driving analogy by law all drivers need to train and pass a test but in business we allow 17 year olds with no experience to join the M25 and wonder why there is a crash in the first 100 metres. That is an unnecessary waste of countless opportunities to grow businesses that create jobs.

The Academy has found a niche in the current marketplace where its services are in demand and has now reached a point where further strategic funding is required to support building the platform and its online marketing.

Business aims

Our aims are to:

  1. Create 1 million jobs in 7 years
  2. Create a “pay-to-see” platform providing a course for start-ups and founders
  3. Ensuring the course is affordable for participants

Contact and further information

Our business model has been thoroughly researched and costed. We already have banks and major companies showing interest.

In this competitive environment we are not publishing full details, so if you wish to know more please contact us and we will be happy to explain our solution on a one-to-one basis.