The Course

The course is divided into 28 modules, each containing between 6 – 11 lessons. There is also a series of free downloadable documents with each module, for use in your business, included in the price.

The Price

Modules are individually priced at £5, for those wishing to learn a few individual subjects. The full course is £85.

To get a Certificate, it is a requirement to get pass grades for 24 out of the 28 modules.

The 28 modules

Module 01: About you Find out if this course is right for you
Module 02: Introduction Some basic background to business
Module 03: Planning and getting started How to plan and get the business started
Module 04: Creating the company Creating a company and Company House documents
Module 05: Company roles and shares Understanding roles, duties, shares and company valuation
Module 06: Bank and HMRC Basics of business banking and tax and how it effects you
Module 07: Ideal customer and pilot study Finding your ideal customer and conducting the pilot study
Module 08: Pricing and costing How to price your product and service to make a profit
Module 09: Contracts and agreements 1 General aspects and the basics of any contract
Module 10: Contracts and agreements 2 The critical documents you need
Module 11: Getting investment 1 The documents and the investment process
Module 12: Getting investment 2 Finding investors and presenting to them
Module 13: Marketing How to write and use marketing information
Module 14: Networking How to network and create leads
Module 15: Leads How to turn leads into opportunities
Module 16: Sales How to drive the sales funnel, present and close deals
Module 17: Operations Realising your customers’ expectations
Module 18: Product production Realising your customers’ expectations
Module 19: Running the business 1 Daily and weekly
Module 20: Running the business 2 Monthly and annually
Module 21: Web comms Your website and communicating with mobile technology
Module 22: Social media and email marketing Discover how to use social media for your business
Module 23: Bookkeeping & getting paid Basics of bookkeeping, cash-flow and getting paid on time
Module 24: Accounts How to read accounts
Module 25: If and when things go wrong Tips and advice on how to survive
Module 26: Review, exam and what next The exam and further support
Module 27: Intellectual property Patents, trademarks and protecting your IP
Module 28: Negotiating techniques What to look for, how to negotiate, spotting a liar

A sample of the free downloadable documents included in the course

  • Cashflow projection worksheet
  • Networking cribsheet
  • Investment route map
  • Ideal customer tracking sheet
  • Who do you trade with?
  • Sales brochure to customise
  • Company register
  • Company share certificate
  • How to write a persuasive proposal
  • Great business plan template
  • Great business model template
  • Customised cold call text
  • Networking spiel
  • and many, many more

Download free share certificate sample

How each module works

  • There is a test at the beginning of each module (10 multiple-choice questions)
  • If you get 65% you pass the module without having to study the module (but downloadable documents still available). You may choose to complete the module anyway for a deeper understanding of the subject
  • If you score less than 65%, you take the module
  • There is a test at the end you need to get 65%
  • If you fail you have to retake the module
  • We have 3 sample modules for you to take to see if you like the material and wish to take the course